Awesome Zack!!

September 6, 1989

Happy Birthday! We you.

In honor of your birthday Zack, it seems only fitting that you should do whatever it is you LOVE most. So take a day and head out to the beach, your favorite place on earth!! ... Oh and don't forget to take along some favorite music!

Newport ocean Zack, as a toddler at the beach Dave and Zack catching the big one Dave and Zack at Pennsylvania Water Park Newport ocean Zack, as a toddler at the beach Dave and Zack catching the big one Dave and Zack at Pennsylvania Water Park Newport ocean

Now for an apology - well actually several apologies. When I was looking through the box of photos to include in this webpage, I realized just how often I tortured you with miserable photo shoots and other embarrassments. So consider the following proof of my sincere apologies.

Baby Lea wrecking the family photo. Lea running away from family picture on the porch Lea, sit the fuck down! Lea never did sit down. Family photo at the water park; Dave with Zack, Sam and Billy. Dave, Zack and Billy being tortured by Sam at Pennsyvania water park. Oh Sam. Photo shoot with Dave and the boys, Pennsylvania, 1997? I didn't mean to scar you for life - Zack dressed as hot buttered popcorn for Halloween. In my defense, it was very cold. Cassie didn't look any happier as a cow.  Again I am sorry for all the tortured photo shoots - What can I say, I was an ASS. Baby Lea wrecking the family photo.

Three year old Zack.

I'm guessing what is going on in this photo is that you are beginning to realize just what a nutty family you were born into and are contemplating your plan of escape... jumping out of a plane was not an option at the time!

Sam jumping out of plane.

We did manage to have our share of fun - even back in the pre-computer age!

Zack, Sam, Billy at Six Flags, eating icecream, 1997? Bob, Sam and Zack, 1995? Zack throwing leaves. Zack in the pumpkin patch, 1995?
Zack and Dave 2016

So now that you are all grown up - I mean we did agree that I would consider 26 officially grown up and now - well you are 27 - so you don't have to do what we tell you to do anymore. If you ever get down and out though, just remember what Frank Sinatra said - "I just pick myself up and get back in the race!"

Beautiful flowers. Dave and Jackie, the day they got married, July 22, 1998

It wouldn't have been any fun at all without you in our lives all these years. We have so many happy memories of you and all your shenanigans. You truly brightened up all our lives. I say this with full recollection of all the icecream you stole and your complete lack of tolerence for your brothers' and sister's tormenting you at every turn!

We continue to enjoy watching all your success. You deserve it!! We love you, Mom, Dave and the whole gang!


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